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Through our vast supply network spread globally, we are able to efficiently source, offer and supply a wide variety of hardwood logs, sawn timber (air dried / kiln dried) and other forest products at competitive prices. We would be glad to send a quote upon request.

Product Directory :

  • African Teak
  • Ash
  • Azobe (Ekki)
  • Balau (Red, Yellow)
  • Beech
  • Bilinga
  • Burmese Teak, Burma Teak, Myanmar Teak (Tectona grandis)
  • Dabema, Dahoma
  • Eucalyptus grandis
  • Hornbeam
  • Iroko
  • Kempas
  • Malaysian Mixed Red Medium Hardwood (MLH)
  • Merbau
  • Oak
  • Pine (Softwood, White Wood)
  • Plantation Teak
  • Red Meranti
  • Casurina Poles, Posts
  • CCA Pressure Treated Poles
  • Chandal Poles, Posts
  • Creosote Pressure Treated Poles
  • Eucalyptus grandis (Gum Poles, Logs, Lumber, Timber)
  • Rustic, Reclaimed, Drift, Distressed, Aged, Weathered Wood
  • Southern Yellow Pine Poles
  • Crane Mats
  • D40 Grade Hardwood
  • D50 Grade Hardwood
  • D60 Grade Hardwood
  • D70 Grade Hardwood
  • Decking (For Marinas, Pool Sides, Barges, Ship Decks, Pontoons, Jettys, Catwalks, Gangways)
  • Dunnage / Shoring / Chocks (Triangular, Square, Flat) Hardwood, Softwood
  • Fender Mats
  • Hardwood / Softwood Timber Fenders
  • Hardwood, Softwood Skid Shoes
  • Pipe Saddles
  • Skid Mats
  • Timber for marine applications
  • CCA Vacuum Pressure Treatment (VAC VAC)
  • Creosote Pressure Treatment
  • Heat Treated, Heat Treatment, IPPC, ISPM 15, Heat Treatment, Dubai UAE
  • Tanalith E Pressure Treatment
  • Saw Dust
  • Wood Chips
  • Wood Pulp
  • Wood Shavings

Natural Bamboo Poles

We stock and supply natural Bamboo poles in various diameters and lengths.

Oud Wood & Fragrant Oud Oils

Our Oud wood (agarwood), Oud oils and Bukhoor is sourced from India, Cambodia and Malaysia in the far east, are manufactured and distilled with utmost importance to maintain a very high standard of quality.

We commit to providing our customers with the purest and highest quality products which trusted and well-known to clients. Agarwood essential oil has been used in medicinal, incense, cosmetic and aromatic application.

Our sense of smell is powerful. Smell is evocative, mood changing, perception altering. All of which makes the world of perfume a strange and wonderful place.

One of the world’s most unique scents is Agarwood Oil. This rare and beautiful perfume dates back as far as the 7th century and has been used by many cultures on important ceremonial occasions. It is entirely natural and difficult to source as it comes from the Aquilaria tree which only produces the resin, used for scented oil distillation when it is attacked.

Agarwood, or Oud oil, as it is also known, is understandably highly prized. Its complex and exotic fragrance is heady and conjures up a sense of other-worldliness and amazingly you can now purchase your own exotic blend from us.

Timber Feature Walls

To help make a statement and give any space a unique identity, we can readily design and build custom feature walls for both external and interior applications, fabricated out of rustic timber elements, such as natural solid log slices, timber squares and other wooden elements, in a range of various colours and textures.

Roof Shingles & Shakes

We specialize in supply and installation of hardwood roof top shingles.

Round Logs

We import for our own consumption and trade in a wide selection of round logs. Through reputed and trusted sources, we procure, ship and supply many species of round logs from various parts of the globe. In certain instances, with the assistance of supply partners we undertake qualitative selection and harvest of round logs in remote forests, which requires a great deal of expertise; something we have built over decades of experience in the forestry sector.

Each round log is carefully milled at our sawmills with precision and care, to minimize wastage and maximize our yield. We specialize in many hardwoods, that are sought after for their durability and hence are ideally suited for numerous industrial heavy construction, and marine applications. We also procure substantial volumes of softwood round logs that are milled into standard and special sizes for form-work applications, dunnage and packaging purposes etc.

A selection of some of the species that we supply and regularly mill are listed below:

South East Asia:

  • Burmese Teak (Tectona grandis)
  • Balau (Shorea spp.)
  • Kempas (Koompassia malaccencis)

West Africa:

  • Azobe (Lophira alata)
  • Bilinga (Nauclea diderrichii)
  • Dabema (Piptadeniastrum africanum)
  • Ekop Naga (Brachystegia cynometroides)
  • Iroko (Milicia excelsa)
  • Okan (Cylicodiscus gabunensis)
  • Okoume (Aucoumea klaineana)
  • Tali (Erythrophleum ivorense)


  • European Oak (Quercus robur)
  • Poplar (Populus spp.)
  • Radiata Pine (Pinus radiata)

North America:

  • Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)
  • Southern Yellow Pine (Pinus palustris)

South America:

  • Greenheart (Chlorocardium rodiaei)
  • Mora (Mora excelsa)

Special Sizes

The advantage that we offer our clients is our ability to promptly supply special sections / sizes of lumber (either fine off the saw or planed). We also mill and supply on demand - Hard and Soft Wood Dunnage (Shoring), Triangular Wooden Wedges and other sections within very short time spans.

Utility Poles

We offer a wider range of wooden poles in various species for use in overhead power and telecommunication lines and overhead line accessories like kicking blocks, stay baulks, and crossarms. Our products also include railway sleepers and other treated wood structures.

Wooden poles vary from 6.00 m to 24.00 m in length and from 150 mm to 450 mm in diameter. With the excellent strength properties of the Finnish Pinus Sylvestris, these poles are used for different overhead line projects in the tele¬communication and power sectors for transmission lines of up to 380 kV.

Lumber for Heavy Construction and other Special Applications

At our mills we fabricate custom Hardwood Crane Mats, Pipe Line Saddles, Wooden Fenders for Barges and Quay Walls, Wooden Cone Plugs and Wooden Sleepers. We also provide effective turn-key Heavy Duty Decking solutions for Marine Barges, Dry-docks and Wharfs.

Hardwoods and Semi-hardwood Lumber

We mill, stock and supply a plethora of lumber in special and standard dimensions, to suite every taste, effectively covering internal, external, industrial and heavy construction applications.


Among the most commonly used commodity of any construction project is Softwood (locally known as White Wood). Our Softwoods such as Radiata Pine, Spruce, Fir and Southern Yellow Pine are all sourced from sustainably managed sources in Australia, New Zealand and the remote Boreal Pine forests of Northern America and Europe. We make it a point to maintain huge inventories of standard sections of Radiata Pine, Spruce and Fir and will promptly mill custom sections from fresh logs that are imported in bulk.

Burmese Teak

Through our age old connections, we find ourselves in a unique position to source and promptly supply various grades of Burmese Teak in a plethora of sizes, at extremely competitive prices.


We manufacture, stock and supply marina and pool side decking in several hardwood species such as Teak, Balau and Merbau with various custom anti-slip profiles.

We specialize in fabricating custom heavy duty hardwood decking solutions for ship decks, barge decks, ship-lift platforms, side transfer carriages, pontoons, and oil and gas rig platforms.

Parquet & Engineered Flooring

About our Flooring Products

With the combination of craftsmanship and passionate interest, AshWood Exotic Flooring & Decking Solutions (a brand owned by Mohiudeen Wood Works LLC) is a fast growing supplier and specialist in floor installation.

We offer a world-class selection of flooring for every taste, design and style; we pride ourselves on understanding the demands and needs of each client’s market and offering a personalized services through our experienced staff.

The Timeless Elegance of Hardwood Flooring & Decking

HARDWOOD IS A PRECIOUS, LIVING RESOURCE: Its grace, natural beauty and endurance have made it a celebrated flooring choice over the centuries. Add alluring beauty to any space with hardwood’s exceptional natural characteristics. Ashwood exotic hardwood decking and floors offer fresh and sophisticated interior and exterior design possibilities.

Wood Species, Styles And Colors

WE OFFER A WORLD CLASS SELECTION of hardwood decking, engineered and solid wood flooring for every taste, design and style. Choose from a multitude of outstanding species grown around the world. From the light toned, sleek grains of northern species to the bold and contrasting grains of exotic species; you will find a style to create any ambience.


AshWood Exotic Flooring & Decking Solutions has a well trained professional installation team which undertakes installation and maintenance of all types of indoor and outdoor floorings.

Services Offered Include

  • Friendly technical expertise and sales advice
  • Professional onsite assessments, measurements and advice
  • Floating installation of engineered, laminates and solid wood flooring
  • Glue down method installation of engineered and solid wood flooring
  • Installation of plywood and subfloors
  • Installation of outdoor timber decking
  • Sanding and lacquering of wood flooring
  • Maintenance of existing wood floor
  • Design installation: Herring bone pattern & other designs
  • Carpet & carpet tile installation
  • PVC flooring installation
  • Installation of raised access flooring
  • Self-Leveling floors
  • Floor moisture testing
  • Moisture barrier


  • Carpet tiles
  • Carpet rolls

Raised Access Flooring

  • Steel cementitous panels
  • Wooden core access floor
  • Calcium sulphate access floor

Rubber Flooring

  • Commercial flooring
  • Sports flooring

PVC Flooring

  • PVC Tiles
  • Homogeneous vinyl
  • PVC Planks

Wooden Flooring

  • Engineered flooring
  • Solid wood flooring
  • Laminate flooring
  • Sports flooring
  • Timber decking
  • Composite decking

Plywood & Panel Products

Our inventories include stocks of Commercial, Marine and Film Faced Plywood in various thicknesses, sourced from China, Indonesia and Malaysia.

We also deal in and supply quality panel products such as: Door Core Chip Boards, FR Door Cores, Plain MDF, MR MDF, Melamine Faced MDF & E Zero Plywood, all compliant with European Standards.

Forest Products

Part of our diverse offering includes a range of natural forest products such as:

  • Teak Posts
  • Casurina Poles
  • Eucalyptus grandis (Gum) Poles (both pressure treated and un-treated)
  • Southern Yellow Pine Poles (CCA treated and un-treated)
  • Natural / Reclaimed Drift Wood

Freight Boxes & Pallets / Value Added Products

Manufacturing custom, heavy duty freight boxes and pallets only came naturally, as we have the necessary lumber and off-cuts on hand. To minimize waste and efficiently utilize the byproducts of our mill, we produce and supply firewood, sawdust and wood-shavings.

Timber Treatment Solutions

We also offer a wide range of timber treatment solutions that protect and prolong the lifespan of timber as follows:

  • Tanalith E Pressure Treatment
  • Creosote Treatment
  • Heat Treatment (as per ISPM 15 Standards) and fumigation solutions to meet international phytosanitary requirements for wood products

Timber Handrail Posts & Fence Posts

We readily supply round and square timber handrail posts, round garden posts and fence posts fabricated out of various species such as Pine Softwood, Balau Hardwood and Greenheart Hardwood. Depending on the end use, we also recommend and provide various treatment solutions to prolong the lifespan of the timber posts.

Balau Hardwood Handrail Post Detail

Balau Hardwood Handrail Post Detail

Balau Hardwood Handrail Post

Balau Hardwood Handrail Post

Half Round Timber Posts

Half Round Timber Posts

Round Timber Posts

Round Timber Posts

Round Logs

Round Timber Posts

Round Logs

Round Timber Posts


Round Timber Posts

Round Logs

Treated Round Timber Posts

Timber Handrail

Timber Handrail Posts

Timber Handrail

Timber Handrail Posts

Vintage Timber Sign Posts

Our skilled carpenters specialize in designing and fabricating custom vintage, rustic timber direction posts and signage.

Vintage Timber Direction Post

Vintage Timber Direction Post

Vintage Timber Direction Post

Vintage Timber Direction Post

Vintage Timber Direction Post

Vintage Timber Direction Post

Vintage Timber Direction Signs

Vintage Timber Direction Signs